I just have to tell you this: "Art Stuff" has made it as one of the top 5 in the pop category in the July VH-1 Song of the Year contest! And critiques for "When we were kings" and "Without warning" were overwhelming, e.g.: "Your vocals soar on this tune! From the leads to the harmonies, these vocals stood out in the song....This song still has enormous market potential despite my comments concerning the keyboards. It is my opinion that if you were to try re-recording the tune with pianos that this song would be over the top and a possible charter."


Promise: I´ll keep on working, trying to improve my songwriting abilities and hoping that one day in the not-too-distant future the right person, for example - tralala - a very famous and skilled producer - tralala, will stumble over my music and lyrics and simply say "Yes, this is the man, this is exactly what I was looking for". And in the meantime you may want to listen to "The man is mad"; I guess this is what describes me better than any time line or info table.

Cheers and lov.exe rocks



Isn´t it ironic, don´t you think?

Well, probably yes, and therefore I have the pleasure to announce the publication of "Every little kiss" on this webpage: short, cute, sexy?, and well...deeply ironic. Let me know what you think.


lov.exe rocks



Hi, everyone,

lov.exe proudly presents: "Hole in the Wall", a timeless ballad that rocks. I just came back from a mixing session at dk-tonstudio and thought you might be interested. By the way, the guitar solo is by Carsten, a young and very talented guitar player, you will definitely hear more from him.

Cheers and all the best,

lov.exe rocks



VH-1 Song of the Year Song Critiques says:

"Your lyrics say a mouthful! This is socio-political commentary at its artistic best! The verbal visualizations of pop culture and capitalism drive a hard and vivid message that shines throughout this song. Excellent writing!"

"From an international point of view, this song is huge! It has an edge and is extremely catchy, while having a superb sound. From the viewpoint of American marketability, there are elements of this song that will remind people of 1980s Pop music. However, this song has strong structure and sound that makes it flexible for both domestic and international markets."

Well, we´ll see... but in the meantime you may want to listen to the recent studio tracks ("songs").

Special thanks to Strodty and Carsten ("John Doe"), Stefan ("Sullivan"), Norbert, Rahel and, of course, to the Godfather of Sounds, Günni, for unforgotten hours in the best studio of the world.

Cheers, and talk to you later, lov.exe




Hi, everyone. This is lov.exe, a hopeful and very talented (well...) singer and songwriter from Germany and furthermore (still my main profession at the moment) a physician and scientist. Please find an extract of my musical background at the "TIME LINE".

My musical ambitions were founded in the 80ies as a member of several rock bands but were abruptly buried when I totally focused on my medical career. However, a few months ago my songwriter soul started crawling back to the frontal cortex. Some of what has come out of this is placed on this webpage: extracts from a number of original pop songs with intelligent lyrics, a new voice and a lot of passion.

The songs on this webpage are produced in homerecording technique at the PC with a single midi keyboard, one guitar (feat. Norbert Bayer), one microphone and a sequencer software. I know, the songs require a professional production with adequate studio equipment and a "star" producer. Hopefully, this will happen soon... (can anybody hear me??? if so, see "CONTACT").

Anyway, I hope you nevertheless enjoy the present version of my music. Whoever wants to hear more, see more pictures or longs for some more information, please see "CONTACT". Also, anybody who wants to share his or her enthusiasm or critics with me, again please see "CONTACT". Everything else, see "CONTACT".

lov.exe rises.... more songs und infos - coming soon...